What Does It Means When A Guy Gives You A Hickey?


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A 'hickey' or a 'love-bite' is a mark or bruised caused by affectionate biting or sucking of the neck area.

Although it might sound painful, giving someone a hickey is usually associated with passionate kissing and caressing.

What is a hickey?
A hickey is essentially just a bruise on the neck area.

It is caused when one partner bites or sucks on the other person's neck with enough force so as to rupture a blood vessel and cause bruising.

When first experimenting with kissing and making-out, many teenagers wear their hickeys with pride. They are often seen by adolescents as a sign of maturity and sexual endeavor.

As people grow older, they seem to be less-prevalent (or at least they are in my experience!).

How do I give someone a hickey?

If you want to give someone a hickey, I'd recommend you take it slow at first.

You want to make sure that your partner is OK with you leaving a permanent mark on his/her neck first, as some people don't want friends/parents/spouses to see their hickeys.

Rather than asking for permission (which would be a bit of a mood-killer), I'd start with a couple of gentle kisses on the side of the neck, followed by caressing.

You can then start nibbling softly on the person's neck - occasionally slipping in slightly more forceful bites.

It takes a lot less force than you think to leave a mark on someone's neck, so there's really no need to tuck in like something out of Twilight.

And when you use your teeth, try to make it as quick as possible - a sharp jolt of pain, followed by kisses and stroking.

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Mikel Joseph answered

A hickey is a love bite. When someone sucks or bites your neck really hard and then you get a bruise for a couple of days x.A hickey is popularly called being a love snack plus can be fundamentally shaped as a consequence of demanding kissing or sucking hard in the epidermis. The veins from your neck or shoulder may provide the pooling of their bloodstream vessels, that turns out the skin red or purple. In the event that you gradually massage the region of the beloved snack it's going to support in distributing the bloodstream and lessening along with from your hickey. Home Remedies for Hickies these hickey do continue to be, however, it is dependent upon how heavy it's. Have a 5 moments tender massaging and rubbing the region plus it must begin to evaporate.

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