Why Are Teens Disobedient?


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They had just stepped out of their nest &would find them selves free from all they naturally don't like being dominated so you should understand them & slowly persuade them from arrogant manner..If they find enough fondness with us they wont go beyond our words. You should neither be too harsh nor too soft!
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Teenage years are sometimes a mystery to parents even though they've been teenagers themselves.
Teenagers are at a pretty difficult stage between being children and entering the adult world. It can be a complex and confusing time for everyone. Early teens can be difficult because youngsters are still children in many ways but are expected to act like adults and they haven't had much experience of the adult world. Some, though by no means all teenagers can be incredibly selfish and think that the world evolves around them and that they need. This leads to them only paying attention to what they want to listen to. What teenagers see as lecturers and moral judgements from adults can cause them to switch off as can requests to help with jobs in the house. Tidying their room can be a major factor cause of not listening as can criticism about their tastes in music, dress, friends and lack of enthusiasm for school and homework.
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Teens are in a stage where they think they know it all but once they leave home they find out how much they don't know. Some of the process is natural instinct because they are learning Independence. Can you imagine how hard it would be if you never made a decision or questioned anything during your teenage years and then all of a sudden you are out of the house and on your own. I use to fight with my mom all the time but by the time I was 20 she was very dear to me. She died early at age 60 but I miss her every day. If you are a little frustrated because you have a teenager don't worry someday they will see and you will have their respect. By the way I have one that just graduated and 2 more to go.
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Teenagers often appear older physically, but remember this... the prefrontal area of their brain (the part of the brain where higher thought processes are performed) is not fully developed until a child is in his/her twenties... They look like they are older than they are, therefore, we often take looks as a determining sign of maturity. It is not... logical thinking and foreseeing consequences iare not developed and mature skills in ANY teenager. Hence, they may not understand what you are saying, or are not able to understand its importance or relevance... therefore, it appears they are not listening. Try rephrasing, or presenting something in steos such as "when this, then that, which results in this or that."
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B/c you're a pushover and need to learn parenting skills
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They are disobedient because their parents are forcing them to do something they don't want to do. 

When we were forcing our daughter to take piano, she was so detached from our family. But then we sat down and talked about it. We realised that she didn't want to do it any more and would rather do something else on a Monday afternoon. Now she is back to being an angle.

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The time of life teens are going through is called adolescence. Their bodies start undergoing changes and it is believed that the hormones in their system make them aggressive and head strong. They also start regarding their parents or elders as lame. This is partly because they feel that adults can't relate to the changes affecting them. Teens may find it hard to communicate their feelings and the changes they are going through may make them irritable and restless. The imbalance of hormones in their system also makes them emotionally strained and they have a general inability to concentrate or pay attention. Sometimes the best steps a parent can take is pay attention to the teenagers and give them the respect they deserve.

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