Why is being a teen so hard?


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Wait until you turn 20!

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Anonymous......That's the challenge - Being a teenager is very very hard.

Communication plays a big role about everything?  And as a teenager you have nothing to say to parents.  Do you give clipped responses or ignite an argument that turns your home ground into a battleground.

Consider two factors that may contribute to the challenge.

Why it Happens;

The quest for Independence;

To become a responsible adult, your teenager must, in a figurative sense, gradually move from the passenger seat to the driver's seat and learn to navigate life's treacherous roadways.  Of course some teenagers want more freedom than they should have; on the other, some parents grant less freedom than they could.  The tug-of-war that may result can create considerable turmoil for parents and teens . 

Abstract thinking;

Young children tend to think in concrete, black-and-white terms, but many teenagers can perceive the gray areas of a matter.  This is an important aspect of abstract  thinking and it helps a young person develop sound judgement.  Consider an example:  To a child the concept of fairness seems simple:  Mom broke a cookie  in two and gave half to me and half to my brother.'  In this case, fairness is reduced to a mathematical formula.

Teenagers, however,  realize that the concept is not that simple.  After all, fair treatment  is not equal, and equal treatment is not always fair.  Abstract thinking allows your teenager to grapple with such complex issues.  The downside?  It can also cause him to grapple with you.

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