If You Could Be Someone Else, Who Would You Like To Be?


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When I was created I was wonderfully and fearfully made and was created for a purpose,so if I could be someone else I will like to be myself but if an early vision of what I am destined to be.
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I am content with who I am, and I know I was created for a specific purpose, but if I absolutely HAD to be someone else, I think I would want to be Jane Lane from the TV show Daria. That would be awesome! Lolz. What about you, Friendly? I'm curious to know.
Peace, Deeni
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If i were to be someone else, i would like to be a boy rather than the same gender.. I would like to know more about boys and there daily life and on and on.. Sounds stupid, but yeah, those are thoughts. So i am actually thinking to be Bill Gates, the richest man alive [ =PP ], or Matt Demon (he's my fav actor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )
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Buddha incarnate.  LoL~

That is actually hard to answer, because if I chose someone famous or really intelligent, etc., I still wouldn't know who this person is on the inside. They could appear to be happy on the outside, but in reality, they could be living their own personal hell.

Actually, I was going to say, I am someone else because I have changed my life significantly over the years, but I recsind.....I am who I always was, just better.  
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I don't want to be anyone else. I like being me. I don't want to pick, but I think I would love to be in Mother Theresa's shoes for a while. I really admired her. Hope this helps.
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I would be Bill Gates , just to be able to sample some thing I will never probably have. I am perfectly content to be myself though.
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If I were to be someone else, I would want to be a new person.  I wouldn't want to be someone who has already lived. I would rather not live someone else's life already knowing what that life held in store for me.  
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James Adams :)
He's a guy from a book called CHERUB, by Robert Muchamore. I want to be him, I wish :)
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I would have loved to be Abraham or Ibrahim as I call him that way I could set things straight between the Abrahamic religions
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Well, If I morfed into someone else, I know you'll would miss me, so I guess I would just like to stick around and be plain old Tam.
But now, if I could be me in another body, I'd pick Angelina Jolies'.
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If I was to be someone else I do not want to live someone elses life so I would like to be the daughter of Dolly Parton I have always liked her and her music and she has no kids so think about the perks never having to worry about a roof over my head or where my next meal was coming from.
I would want to be me, again, from about age 14 so I could relish in my knowledge I currently have so I would not make the same mistakes twice.  Then I would have to kill my buddy Bickle using my lawyer abilities so I would not be prosecuted for his murder...[as if, lol] heck, I might just get a medal for that!  Lol

You ask amazing questions my friend and I miss you. [[[hugs]]]  <3 Nassy
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I would want to be my "other" self....the one who "knows better".  This person wouldn't make the mistakes I've made, or hurt the people I've unintentionally hurt over the years.  This person would spend less time cranking weights at the gym at a furious pace, so that I would feel better today in my 50s.  This person would have gotten interested in photography sooner.  And this person would make more friends, knowing how important they are, even though my family was growing, and I was busy with that.  This other person would have kept up with more high school friends.
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I would be Osama bin Laden, because he's a multibillionaire with lots of cool weapons, an ace security force, and a bad-ass beard!
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I've already got lots of folks wanting me dead, so that's not an issue. Besides, there'll be a harem of 72 virgin hos waiting to greet me in the afterlife, right? Bring on the nubiles!!!
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You would want to be the guy responisble for 9/11
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Nah, I'd deny responsibility. That's what defense lawyers are for.
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I would be GOD!
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It's Private Huh
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OMG!!!!!!!!! Do u know what u just said?? And by the way, God is not a "someone". So u can't really be God
Daniel Sandoval
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God is everyone and everything, so yes I could be! Besides, why ask questions if you have limitations to the answer you get?!?!?!?! =&
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A hot looking lesbian!
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You guys are so funny! You would not put up with being a hot looking chick for one moment. I am not a lesbain but I am "hot looking". I can tell you that no one takes me seriously. I have degrees, certificates and awards all over the place and most guys can't get past my boobs.
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Heywood Jublome
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No. Whats real creepy is people wanting to be "god" or the president. And I wouldn't care if guys couldn"t get past my boobs, as they would be reserved for other lesbians. Strap it on Ellen!!

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