Parents, do you feel guilty about some things that don't even upset your kids? Like once when I was in sixth grade, my mom accidentally forgot to give me lunch money, and she felt awful about it, even though I was not really upset about it.


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We often feel guilty about lots of things we do or don't do. 

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Why is that? Like do you also feel guilty if one of your kids is with his/her friends, and you and your spouse take the other kid(s) out to a movie or something? Do you personally feel guilty about things that don't upset your kids?
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Parents never want to fail their children. Forgetting to give lunch money means you failed to feed your child. You can understand why that would upset your mom, right?

I would say that your mom is raising you right, because you didn't think it was that big of deal. You seem to understand that sometimes things happen and you jusr deal with it and move on.

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I love my mom to death, absolutely. I totally understood it was a mistake, and unfortunately, she felt so much worse about it than I did.
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Back in the day, I discovered something interesting after talking with my grownup little Baldwins.  Many incidents that made me feel guilty were not incidents they even remember, much less were scared by.  OTOH, incidents that I hardly noticed often had a big impasct on them. 

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I have seen some kids that didn't

even know enough to know what they didn't know.

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