My Husband Has Signed Up For Online Dating And Is Always Looking At Chat Sights, He Is Now Deleting The History On The Computer So I Can Know Longer See What Websites He Visits. Is He Cheating?


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I agree it makes him look guilty but he may not be.  I would talk to him about it and find outs what's going can also find what site he is looking at and sign up under a fake name, and then you can catch I'm red handed. My friends wife did this and he got busted. Good luck I hope this helps
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Wow. Deleting the history from the computer makes him look guilty. This doesn't necessary mean he is cheating; he could have some type of fetish he is ashamed of that anonymous women cater to. Best bet would be to discuss the issue calmly and let him know you're willing to spice up the relationship. If that does not work, you may have a bigger problem on your hands.
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