My uncle's coming to visit and he will be staying in my house for few weeks. He's a computer expert and wants to look at my computer to fix the problems it has. But I have like 12GB of porn on my computer and only 4GB of external space. What do I do?


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You can use something like Pretty Good Privacy to create an encrypted folder whose contents cannot be read without a pass phrase.

Windows or WinZip may also be used to create compressed folders, but their filenames tend to be visible. Sometimes you may not want that.
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Ok that's bad. Try and tell him you don't want him to fix your computer. That you already have a plan to take it in to someone and have them look at it. Stall stall stall. But if all else fails. The only thing you can do is delete it all. Get rid of it all. Clean out your internet cookies and cache and things. Basically do some spring cleaning on  your computer, and get rid of any traces of porn. Unless you have a cool uncle who wouldn't really care, or tell your parents if he found it.
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My husband fixes computers and upon fixing them finds porn. Viruses are a common problem when accessing porn online. My suggestion is have somebody else fix it before he comes over. And then stop looking at porn.

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