Why is my daughter not doing chores? We all ask her to, and even take her phone away, but she does not do them.


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I don't know why your daughter is not doing her chores. Do you give her an allowance even though she doesn't do them? Not only would I take away her phone, I'd take away any privileges....then explain she can "earn" her privileges and phone back by completing her chores. Who's the parent?...js.

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Maybe get her to watch a documentary or news report about child refugees from the Syria conflict forced to work in order to survive and support their families...

That might put things in perspective, and help her see that doing chores to get pocket money isn't that tough after all.

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I am a teenager. And maybe she has something going on thats making her tired or whatever? This has happened with me before to where i refused to do chores. Ask her if thier is anything bothering her or something in that area.

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Most teen's minds can focus on doing chores if you offer a reward eg. Letting her go out with her friends if she washes the dishes. She also may feel unable to do the due to stress, maybe start by asking her to do small things, gradually increasing the amount of chores she must do every week until she's doing what you want her to do. DO NOT show her videos of child refugees or tell her things could be worse cause, trust me, that certainly doesn't work. Good Luck :)

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Sometimes teenage girls, as I am 18 and went through a phase of the sort, want to be closer to there mother. Feeling left out or even just one little thing bugging me would make me sit alone and not want to listen. Could be family or friend problems. Maybe you should sit down and ask her if something is bugging her. 

Encourage her that you are there to help and to listen, and will not judge her. Try to include her in cooking dinner or going for a walk. 

Being a teenage girl is not easy, and sometimes all they need is a little love and attention.

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