Hi, I'm Karen, and my stepson is acting very odd around me, I can't prove it, but i am sure some of my knickers have gone. I don't know how to approach the subject with my husband?


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I think  he might have a crush on you,but i would be extra sure before you tell his dad about your missing knickers, check and look for them again, if you cant find them, then ask him, "have you been in my bedroom"

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Sean Baker
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If he's just hitting puberty he's probably curious and maybe even has a little crush on you. You should talk to him and definitely not rat him out to his father. Make sure he spends time with his father and buy him a book about the birds and the bees.
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Ok this is a bit weird and slightly creepy, but as we kind of all know, guys at that age are all immature and kind of perverted.

Like the guy above said, rating him out to his dad might make things uncomfortable all round.

First, try locking your drawer or your room. This should be enough to give him the message that you know what he's doing.

If you really feel like you need to speak to the dad, just say some "personal items" of yours have gone missing, and if he thinks his son might have borrowed them.

He'll probably shrug it off and say no, but if this situation gets worse, he'll remember that you did have concerns from before and hopefully speak to his son about it.

As a step-mom it's hard to manage this kind of relationship with a stepson, in a way he probably feels that since you are not technically related then it might feel natural...

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