Who do you love right now?


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To my cousin, Laney, that's so sweet what you said about Auntie Georgia. I miss her too. I wish i coudl have attended one of her parties. I remember how you guys came down to D.C on Valentines day and we threw a party!! And Ema, Lucy, Cara and Nora were all there. And your mom was the only one who wanted to have fun! Remember how she painted and X and an O on everybodies cheek. And we played the "I Love You" game and baked cookies. I used to talk to your mom on the phone right after her 5th round of chemo and she always knew the words to say to make me feel better. I always felt terrible because she was dyeing and I was healthy and alive and my problems were little. But she's in heaven now watching over everybody she loved.
I love all my wonderful cousins. If only we all lived in the same state. :)
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My friends, Charley, Alexx, George - and they're all girls!! Ha ha i'm the only one in my group with a girl name! And i love my sister, Jorja, with all my heart and my dad Moses and my uncles (his triplets) Noah and Jermi and all my other fabulous aunts and uncles! I love my grandma and grandpa york and I love my cousins Madisyn, Addison, Cara, Nora, Ema, Lucy, Hannah, Alise, Austyn and Ash.
I miss my mom more than life itself. I would give my life to have her back to make my sister and my dad happy. I can't believe it's only been two years without her because it feels like forever. She was a great photographer (check out my pics) and she always made me and my sister laugh and feel beautiful. She loved every holiday and every season and threw parties and cooked and decorated. She even had a May Day party. She loved to celebrate life. I want to be just like her when I grow older.
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My family, friends, god, and that one guy who doesn't seem to feel the same about me. :(
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alexia smith
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Aww, its his loss, he doesnt know what hes missing and he might come to his senses and realise soon=)
hockey luvergurl
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I only sed this wuz helpful cuz i hav ur profile pic..iys not MY profile pic..but i DO hav that pic!! Lol:)
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Hahah ;)
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This girl i knew back in Massachusetts. We were friends for 2 years. I was with her when she broke up with her boy friend (i had a thing for her then too) and was still friends with her when she started going out with one of my classmates. (he asked her out the day i was going to tell her how i felt) and was friends with her for a year after that. I even became friends with her boyfriend  ( the second one). I miss her allot sometimes.
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I love my whole family and friends
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Bleugh, i dont like my family and my friends have recently did something terrible to me=/ i only love one person and im not going to mention his name=)
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My bf!<3 hes the nicest and most caring and lovin person i no..and hav nown all my life!!!!! Hes hot, nice, kind, caring, loving, plays hockey(and i LUV hockey), and i luv him more than life itself!!<3
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I love Music and music can be a person if it wanted to be lol:) I am weird, get used to it. If objects came to life and turn into human beings, that would be so cool.

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