How to catch a guys eye?


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alexia smith Profile
alexia smith answered
Wait for it to fall out
Curious Ten Profile
Curious Ten answered
Try to catch their eyes a few times, but not like a random staring person.A nd smile when you make eye contact, like 'oh, I didn't know I was looking in your direction', and then talk to them after this has happened a few times. If you catch them looking at you back, it's a good indication that they're interested.
simon miller Profile
simon miller answered
Wait till he throughs it
vijay kumar Profile
vijay kumar answered
Just go to him talk to him casually with your best outfit(boys never say no talking to a girl), and while talking don't hesitate(important) and from your next meeting ignore him, i think you'll have better results.
sofia kim Profile
sofia kim answered
Wear clothes that show off a lot of skin .... Like a tank top of mini skirt
not saying you should be a slutty and stuff xD LOL
but in the "science" world. Showing off skin does attract men :D ~ good luck hun  !

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