Who likes being single here?


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Rin Bagel Profile
Rin Bagel answered
Status-wise; I'm single. But my heart is definitely taken. Although, it's nice to feel free then you're not in a committed relationship. After so long, you want that commitment back again.
Crystal Smith Profile
Crystal Smith answered
I don't like being single. I am deeply in love with my gorgeous fiance, Daniel. We love each other so much and are expecting our first child on the 11th of October 2011
Michael Gregory Profile
Michael Gregory answered
"Single" does not exist. There are always people that love and/or care about you. We are all a part of the same fabric of humanity but, most of us close our minds to the fact and fill our heads with the illusion of being alone. The only thing you can do that (as you will see) makes sense is to always give love. Once you except that love has no boundaries or limits you will insure the enjoyment of life and death as normal, even deserving. I am sending love to you.
Troy Zepplin Profile
Troy Zepplin answered
Im single
monica gupta Profile
monica gupta answered
I am proud to be single!!!
John Be Profile
John Be answered

I don't like it. I've been single for about five years I think. Before those like two months or so, I was single for about 16 years. So, basically my whole life.

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