Why should women have to wear underwear?


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I would say that no woman needs to wear underwear.  It is a personal preference .
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I'm so used to underwear I don't even think it's that uncomfortable. Besides, it's a hygiene thing. What if you've got your period and you're not wearing any underwear. Blech!!
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Women wearing underwear is a personal preference. I haven't worn them for over twenty years (panties). People think that it is un-hygienic, in my opinion it is the complete opposite! Not wearing panties is totally comfortable and I beleive keeps me very fresh and clean! Maybe because underwear will keep any kind of wetness (sorry, lack of a better word) close to your body, where it is re-absorbed. I feel, especially after sex, the freeness of being camando helps with keeping you fresh and definetly odor free. Why keep it all contained when you should let your body breathe. So you may have to wash your jeans more than those who do prefer panties, I think extra laundry is worth the comfort and freedom! If I could afford a breast lift bras would be banned from my life also, so uncomfortable, better than tucking your boobs into your pants tho!
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Well in case they have a dress on.

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Women do not have to wear underwear.  It is their choice.  There are practical considerations to wearing certain undergarments (support, for example, which delays the effect of gravity if one should desire to do so), and also for practical reasons (lower undergarments).
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To keep clean and since if you are a woman you need to be clean and neat. Aren't why women should wear underwear the same as why boys wear boxers?

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