What To Do When The Boy Rejects Me?


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First i have to ask you whether you have asked him out? If yes then just don't pressurize him into going out with you just start to talk to him and soon he will begin to like you, but if he is just ignoring you then just ignore him as there are many other fish in the sea as it were...
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Well you can cry a little, eat some chocolate, talk with the girl friends, pretty much anything, but what your going to do after anything you chose is get over the fact that you got rejected and you will come to find out that he doesn't matter. Because you are a wonderful person and if he can't see that then he isn't worth your time.
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Find new friends and get on with your life.
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Leave it
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Cry some, eat ice cream and chocolate, listen to music, hang with friends, and be strong :)
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Be strong. It's life. And think that there is a WHOLE PLANET filled with guys, and one of them could be yours. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday(:

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