How Do I Reject My Married Coworker's Offer To Take Me Out On A Date?


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Although I respect and value our working relationship, I do not think that such a meeting would be in either of our best interest, but thank you for the offer anyway. You do know of course, that I am engaged, and my fiancee would not approve, and I love and value his opinion.
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You need to deal with it as soon as possible so that it doesn't become even worse than it already is. Tell him as politely as possible that you are happily engaged and perhaps he was misinformed as to your availability. Maybe tell him that you are flattered by his interest but in the interest of of the work environment, that you would appreciate it if in the future if he would keep things professional.
I hate guys like that. They usually end up turning things around and making it seem like it was the woman hitting on them. So be careful with your dealing with him. Good luck!
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It's simple... Look him in the eye smile,and say NO!!!! If he persists, tell him you will do 2 things... Call his wife and report him to the boss for harassment.
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I would honestly comfront him face to face with no hesitation. If he seems to be the type to turn things around and blame them on you have a friend see what is going on and have them go with you when you comfront him. This is serious and needs to be dealt with asap. Tell him that out of respect for your self, your fieance, and his wife you want nothing more than a professional relationship. That means no dating, no hanging out outside of work, and keeping all hands and vulger comments to yourself. If he did or said anything to you at work in any way that made you feel uncomfortable report it to your boss, simple as that... Most places have policies on sexual harassment any way.
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How about accepting the offer under the conditions that his wife also attends along with your fiance and that he pay for the meal. Who knows, you may all hit it off and become the best of friends.
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ASK if your fiance can join you, you will no what his intentions are.
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Just tell him say listen I love my fiancee very much and I don't want anyone  else

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