Is It True That Some Young People Sabotage Their Life Just To Prove That They Can Do What They Want?


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I hate to say it but most of it is a lack of respect for both themself and their parents.instead of the parents getting through to them that they are only trying to protect them(out of love trying  to prevent their actions from causing the same problems of the past) it comes out as being how to say like being a judge,jury and executioner(what's that movie mommy dearest) to them. Then they act out against the shall we say leash seeing what they can do to get or exhibit any resemblance of freedom. The only problem is by going against their parents wishes for them they end up causing more problems for themselves and their parents not to mention the child or man they basically entrap into being a parent before their mature enough to handle it.(sad but true in a lot of cases. Not letting the guys off either).it's sad they take these guys and try to make them into what their dad was not/a sort of replacement father figure in their life even though they are grown up.and if the guys were raised right they would see this and instead of getting involved with them they would tell them to get their life straightened out before trying to find someone to be their baby's daddy(sorry has to be said that way).it becomes a cycle because the girl/young woman doesn't learn her mistake and passes it onto her daughter if she has one.this is were both men/young guys and women/young girls have to break this cycle as they grow up and learn not to repeat the mistakes of past teens.i guess what i am saying is if they could learn the parents are really only trying to guide them and not lock them away or stop them from living .they are just trying to help them have a better planned future as they grow up to handle their own decisions in life.the hard part is their brains are not set up to understand all the possible problems from doing what they want when they want without any planning.they just don't see past their desires/wants.they don't understand what someone wants does not match what they actually need in life.blah blah blah yackity smackity(i could drone on but you get the idea).oh! Like judge joe says- he is just trying to give them a little lesson in manhood and otherwords grow up and act right.they know what is right and wrong. : )
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I also think that absentee parents who are in denial, contribute to this syndrome.
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Yes, it has been proven that if there are not 2 parents /both parents/male and female the kids know and miss this guidence.they don't grow up knowing who they really are/should be.or as i likes to say they are not balanced.they don't get the life lessons from each parent of how to act let alone how to react in lifes situations. I guess you could say they don't get to go through lifes boot camp for 16-18 years from both parents.they don't see by example.
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It is not limited to young people, I know some middle age people that have sabotaged their own life to show they can do what they want to themselves. These people are obviously very immature emotionally and mentally as the destruction of their own life also affects the lives  or all those that also are involved in their life this is not only those that are married too but also the children. Their siblings, parents and any other that is part of their family. Someone that is selfish enough to do such an act demonstrates an overwhelming myopic view of Life and insurmountable selfishness. Their acts are done to show that "They Can Do Whatever They Want" and also the blatant disregard of what those acts and implications are outside of them! A great example would be someone that commits suicide! They may end their life but they leave the mess of what they left to someone else to deal with in the aftermath.
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My parents told me to wait to have sex, i went and got pregnant.They told me not to drink i did. They told me to focus on my education, i paid attention to my social life, when they wanted me to dress appropriate i did the complete opposite. Now im only 14 and have a screwed up life with a kid.
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Not messed up just that you have to be more grown up than you should have been before you should be. At least you know now and realize it and are working on it. When you give up is when you have messed up your other words as long as you don't stay down on the floor so to speak and decide to get up and go with your life then at least your trying to correct your path in life.everyone stumbles or takes the wrong path in life at some everyone knows God allows u-turns.
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Catylean, John R. Rice said it best, "No matter what a man's past may have been, his future is spotless. People take different roads to happiness and success. Just because you travel a different pathway than I do or your parents do, does not mean you can't reach the same destination. Consider that what you perceive as stumbling blocks may actually be your stepping stones, making you stronger. Good Luck.
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Many people claim to have bad luck or a black cloud hanging over their head.  What they really have is bad decision making capabilities or a refusal to listen to advice that does not give credence to what they want to do.  Some hear,  and still go on their merry way,  doing exactly what they want with no consideration to what others that are older and experienced more and seen more have told them.  Then shock of all shocks, things turn out badly.  Bad decisions - not bad luck!
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G'day Pencil,

Thank you for your question.

It seems so. However, there are plenty of young people who make good decisions. We probably don't notice them as much.

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Of course you are right Keithold! I have a 23 year old son who has made outstanding decisions for his life and future. I am the first to give credit where it is due, and my hat is off to those (and I know plenty) who use their brains and make good decisions. I have just recently encountered several young people who are hell bent on screwing up their life, to show the parents that they are independent, and seem to do it out of spite.
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I would say not often but people of all ages do things for spite including things which are self destructive.
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Yes, this is true and it is very very sad. You only have one life and it is very very important that you get it right so when you are old, it is NOT wrong.
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I think your view is right. Today's youngsters just think they are smart and capable enough to take their decisions at early age but end up ruining their life.
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(true) but it is my opinion they can not (comprehend) in their minds, that the failures and torments of their actions (will) stay with them (for a life time) in one way or another .(no) doubt...  My regards, (guest)

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