Are You Really Happy To Be At The Stage In Life You Are At Now?


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I would say "really" happy. But I am quite content.
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Did you mean what you said "I would say really happy, or did you mean to say "I wouldn't say really happy."

Hi how are you?
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I meant to say "I wouldn't say really happy," sorry for the typo

Excellent, and yourself?
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Happier than the old stage I was at. I think I could always do better and I always strive to do better. How do you feel about your question?
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So so.. Im okay though. Life holds many thing s like bad and good, but im just living life the best i can.
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Yeah!!   I happy that my life has progressed to answering stupid questions like this on line it is  the highlight of my day yeah. Loving and living life lol
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I  Sure Am A  Hot Mama! With No One In My Life To Tell Me What To Do; Except My Kids.. And They Have To Listen To Me! Oh The Irony Of It.!. It's Delicious!!
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Every day on this side of the dirt is really happy :)
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No. I should still have my job, and a driver's license and a car. Probably a girlfriend. A group of friends to hang out with.

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Well , that's tricky. My life is a mixed bag , sometimes I'm not quite content with it , some times I am pretty satisfied.
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No matter how much we possess or how many wishes have come true, have you ever noticed there is a piece of us that is still unhappy or it feels as something is missing and no matter what we do we can't fill that void? I think that missing part is God. There is the saying that says "We will never find complete happiness until we are with thee." It could be true. I've been what I felt was true happiness but still felt an unrest in my soul, and I am not a religious fanatic.
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Well, I am happy that I am here living truly is a gift, however I do wish that things would be better then they are now.
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At the present situation i m not atall happy. Always i am not happy with not having kids til date.

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