What Is The One Food That You Love That You Will Not Share With Your Loved Ones?


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There is nothing I wouldn't share with my family.  I love and adore them and it would be selfish to NOT share. HOWEVER, I have to eat all the applesauce because neither my husband or our daughter will touch it. I love it. That and cottage cheese and oatmeal. Those are the only foods that they won't touch. But I'd share if they did want some.
NOT sharing is selfish and mean
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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I do share with my family, I really don't like to share my raspberry sticks, but I do share them, like there is my mother in the back of my mind telling me that I have to. Lol I have learned with the sticks though that I really need to buy two boxes, one for me, and one for them. Lol
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Well, I will share anything with my family. In fact I am always the one to give something up for them...like ok...you have the last slice of good bread and I'll take the crummy end piece and so on. But, Chocolate covered rasberry jelly's.....hello. That is the one thing that I tell them all...you can have 2 pieces each, the rest are MINE!!!! :o)  (and I mean it!)
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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LOL, that is funny that is the way it is with me. Lol I will usually surrender the last of something too. Sometimes the last of my candy stash too. Lol
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Sigh...I guess that's what mom's do, right? LoL~ Yeah, go ahead hon, you take the last nice apple, I'll have this half rotted one. ;o)
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It's definetly a MOMMY thing. I do that with my kids too!!
I won't share any of my food with him...lol...but what really bothers me is when he simply reaches onto my plate & helps himself...aaaaaargh!  Yes, he does this constantly.  I'm thinking about sneezing on my plate at every meal, what'dya think?  Lmaoroff
Anastasia (nickname: Anya) Profile
Dibs ice cream. Those just run out so fast. Its like *pop* they are gone!
wilbert u can call me sue Profile
I scream , you scream, we all scream for ice scream   LOL  vanilla with chocolate syrop or a smoothie from wendy's   YUM  I have Ice scream almost every night and heaven help the man who comes between me and my ice scream  LOL
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Believe it or not, I make the worlds most fantastic brownies. Not because I want to, but because nobody else wants to bother making them ( I know, poor me). So when I make them, it's HANDS OFF! Because once I make them, all of a sudden the entire panfull disappears in about 20 minutes.
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Anonymous commented
Brownies are my weakness!! Not the cakey ones but the chewey gooey ones!!
martha commented
Please share the recipe!! NOW!!!
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Dang it, you good-samaritans! Now I feel guilty because of all of your perfect answers. "There's nothing I wouldn't share with them!" In theory, that's great. But in reality, all I have to say is: ice cream. That is one thing that I eat up in the house. I automatically have dibs on like every carton in the freezer! Muwahahahaha...
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My wife, bless her, criticizes me often that I am selfish with my food......and she's right! Man, why does she always have to be right?!! Actually i do tend to get a bit "growly" when I think she wants what I'm eating. But that's all just surface stuff. Down inside I'd give her my entire meal if she asked for it.
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I have a Hot Stuff Pizza vendor that runs out of a convenient store that I go out of my way for, they have the BEST PIZZA'S EVER!  I just can't get enough of their personal size pizzas!  It's my vice I guess, lol.  And I do get pretty protective over it too.... Isn't that dumb!  Ha!  I need to quit eating them though, they are killing my waistline!  Ahhhh, but they are sooooo good... Yummy!  I recommend them highly, as if you couldn't tell? Lol
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I cant recall anything i wont share..however i do love rocky road icecream and so do my girls..if there's not enough for them i wont let them have any....so i guess that would be rocky road icecream
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Brian Reed answered
My big fat juicy grilled by yours truly, Delmonico steak. I will cook one for you if you ask nicely though,cuz thats just the kinda guy I am LOL . Who loves ya baby?
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Mati green answered
I will give my family anything from the last morsel of food in the world to my blood, and my last breath...... But I will NOT share my chocolate!!!
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Ahh.... Most things i will share with anyone I can't stand to eat in front of people and not share.....
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My secret stash of chocolate   shh...
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Hey everyone, the chocolate is over here!!! I found it!!! Lol love you honey.
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Ah man.... Now i gotta share!
Amy Vu
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My friend: Hey what are we talking about?
Me: Blondiemom's secret stash of chocolate.
Blondiemom: O_O
Me: Oops.
Lol sorry!
P.s. All your favorite chocolates here!!!
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Well I must say it has to be a chawama it looks like a japatti(I'm not sure whether the spelling is right anyway) but I must say it tastes a whole lot better.
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I love this one tie Restaurant and if there is left overs I must have them it is essential.
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I stash chocolate, and i will NOT share. Unless, of course, I have eaten myself into a diabetic coma, then I will give it all away, when I have had too much.
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Creme Brulee'  I keep all of that for myself.  Anyone know how to make a really good one?
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Omer Butt answered
It keeps on changing everytime. Kind of Seasonal-lol!
These days its Chicken Pakoras and Kachoris because of Ramadan. It can be Biryani very rarely-lol!
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Mike answered
1 thing I wouldn't even share if I got paid would be those tasty raspberry danishes... Lol
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Amy Vu answered
Lol i share everything with my friends and family lol. It's like here have the bigger nicer one and i'll have the smaller and rotting one lol.

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