How do i do everything perfect please help me i get yelled at for everything i do. I live with my grandma cause i'm an orphan and she yells at me for every thing i do. Don't give me that crap about you cant be perfect! Just help me please?


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Find out what your grandmother is looking for when she scolds you and do it. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, hence why so many people marry the "perfect" person.
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Sarah Johnson answered
Perfect by whose standards? Everyone has a different idea of what perfect is? Perhaps your grandmother doesn't yell at you because of you not doing it right, but because of some issues in her life that she's never dealt with. My mom was much that way too.
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Maddie answered
If someone yells at you and you don't know why, simply ask them what you did wrong and say you'll do it better the next time. If they yell at you for almost no reason, just ignore them and put them in the back of your mind and hold your chin up. This is really difficult sometimes but I did it today and I feel so much better that I didn't break down into tears instead. If you're having trouble holding it all in, well, don't! That's unhealthy. Take it out through jogging, journaling, or even screaming in your pillow inside a closet if you want. (Saw this in the movie Speak. I have yet to ever do that but it remains an option for all girls going through something tough). Whatever you do, do not bottle up your emotions. Just mask them in front of the people who criticize you or they will see that you are weak. Bottling emotions is bad for your body and character. Let them out through something physical (writing, running, swimming, climbing trees, anything is better than nothing).

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