I have a major urge to wear diapers. Everytime I see a diaper advertisment I want to go buy some. Is there something wrong with me?


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mckenna kate answered
That's kinda weird you should ask a counselor.
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Adrian Masters answered
There is a diaper fetish. That is where you have strong , usually sexual, desires to wear diapers. Is this really something you want to explore. How will your boyfriend feel about this? What will your family think?
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Sarah Johnson answered
It would depend on who you ask. You definitely aren't the only one that struggles with that. Perhaps you should ask yourself why you feel a need to regress to a helpless state. Or what it is about diapers that you find appealing. How does it make you feel. I would say that yes there is probably a problem that causes you to want those sorts of things, but whether you want to dig into that or not in the end is up to you. Despite your desires, you are old enough to control your life.
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Do whatever you have wish in your mind. It is your life and you should not take care of others regarding what they say or how they behave

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