How do I cure a diaper rash, without going to the doctor?


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There are lots of different types of creams on the market that advertise that they help with the reduction of diaper rash. 

In order to try to combat diaper rash, we need to understand what causes it -

  • prolonged contact with urine or stools

  • sensitive skin
  • rubbing or chafing
  • soap, detergent or bubble bath
  • baby wipes
  • diarrhoea or other illness
The rash may have red patches, or the whole of the bum could be red.  The skin may look sore and feel hot to touch, and there may also be spots, pimples or blisters.

The best way to deal with diaper rash is to try to prevent it from happening in the first place -

  • change a soiled diaper as soon as possible.  Young babies may require 10-12 diaper changes a day

  • clean the whole nappy area thoroughly
  • let your child have some 'bum out' time. Lay them on a towel and take off their nappy for as long and as often as possible.  The fresh air will help to heal your child's bum.

  • use a barrier cream, such as zinc and castor oil
If your child develops a persistent bright red, moist rash with white or red pimples, which spread to the folds of the skin, they may have a thrush infection.  So take them to your doctor.

Like I said before, there are lots of creams out there to help diaper rash, but personally I have found that Sudocrem has been particularly helpful and has reduced redness quite quickly. 

However, there are also -

  • Metanium
  • Vaseline

  • Drapoline
  • Bepanthen
  • Chamomile wipes
These are all good creams and can be purchased from any good pharmacies. 

I would suggest just letting them have time with no nappy on, as you will be surprised how much that will help.

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Ashley Bennet , 5 years as a certified nutritionist at American Society for Nutrition, answered

In fact, there are some natural ways to help cure diaper rash without going to doctors.

1. Breast Milk

Even though breast milk can be a contributor to this problem, your children can not be starved. In reality,  breast milk is extremely important for infants for first months, thereby it can boost the immune system and make your babies strong and healthy.

You can rub breast milk directly on the affected skin areas for positive outcomes.

2. Olive Oil

Olive oil is quite natural and safe for your babies. It will help reduce irritation caused by diaper rash. All you need to do is to applying from 1 to 2 teaspoons of the oil mixed with water over the affected skin. Follow the remedy until those rashes disappear. 

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Desitin ointment buddy works great

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Try this remedy it is very useful and best home remedy for diaper rashes. You can use petroleum jelly: It is perfect for treating diaper rashes. It will protect the genital area from irritating effects of rashes. First, you have to remove the dirty diaper and wash the diaper area with lukewarm water. Dry baby's bottom with a clean cotton towel and then apply petroleum jelly. Or you can simply use Coconut oil: It has antifungal properties, It also has a gently calm healing effect on the baby's soft skin. Just apply this coconut oil several times a day and add two or more tablespoon of coconut oil to the bathing water for better results. Use easyfit diapers to avoid the rashes, they are antibacterial and premium quality diapers which is available online.

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Best home remedies for baby diaper rashes which are easily available. Presented by easyfit, try easyfit baby diapers to avoid nappy rashes and any other infections.

Remedies for diaper rashes

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