I Committed Adultery. Is My Husband Entitled To Get My Kids? Because I Feel That The Situation Is No Grounds To Take My Kids. I Am Not An Unfit Mother.


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In the US, adultery is not generally considered by the courts to be adequate reason to determine custody or adequate criteria to determine parenting ability.  If your actions directly caused harm the children (in that you deserted them, for example), the courts might consider this, but generally will not even consider the past adultery in determining parenting custody and time.  In the last 40 years or so, the US courts in all states have been more vigilant about making such decisions with the best overall interest of the children in mind, which includes many factors.

Here is a site that can provide you with additional information (

And this is a page on their site is specifically about child custody:

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AS far as I know, I don't think he can take the kids. Because you committed adultery, that does not make you an unfit parent. And he would have to convince the court of this to take them

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