I Am 57 Yrs Old And My Husband Is 65 He Never Likes To Kiss Or Penetrate Me. Why?


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They have medication for this anymore that will give or help him to get and maintain an erection. If he were to go to the Doctor it is a fairly common drug now a day! Different ones are advertised on TV all the time and it is nothing to be ashamed of, he is not alone!
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If your husband had an affair he may still have unresolved issues with the other person. He could me mourning the lost of that relationship and really does not have an interest in closeness at this time. If he is fine in all other areas gave him some time to work this out.
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I think we all go in stages but if he's had an affiar then that's a betrayal.  To me that would be disrespecting you.  My wife and I discuss everything and we are in one of our stages we discuss that.  We would never have an affair.
I think you should ask your hubby about his love for you.  If he says he can't get it up, then he's being disrespectful because if he cared he would seek medical help and get a prescription for a drug that would help his so called problem.

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You need a good penetration

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