What does it mean when a woman gently hits a guys upper arm after telling him something?


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Asian Dude answered
Keep this between us or You know what I mean are my best guesses.
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dana de leeuw answered
Most of the times that she tries to get your attention, she tries to create a connection or she try to  tell you that she is interested in you.
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KrazyOffic XD answered
Girls do that all the time with me but it doesnt mean they like me in that way , its just human nature to tap someone after sayin something to want a reaction out of you/of if you're listening.
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Claudia Goodwin answered
It means they are flirting with you and trying to get your attention and maybe some sexual fun after.
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Really? So it means she probably likes me?
Claudia Goodwin
Claudia Goodwin commented
Yes sir. But if it was only once then maybe not. If she talks to you a lot, smiles, blushes,,,,, then ya she does :)
Anonymous commented
Well she has only done that once, but she always makes an effort to say hi to me and she does smile a lot.

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