Do you support Gay Rights and Weed Legalization?


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Ray Dart answered
Don't tell me that there is now a "Gay Rights and Weed" movement.
Daisy Ryann Profile
Daisy Ryann answered
Yes to gay rights and no to weed legalization. Because when Paula-Pot Head and Molly-Marijuana over dose and end up in the hospital, who's tax payers dollars are paying for their (excuse me) broke ass treatments. It's sort of like abortion. Sally, Kasey, Bailey, Carrie and Jenny all run off and get knocked up and then go to the abortion center broke so their abortions are paid for through tax payers money. Its like $120 dollars per abortion. I personally think it's wrong in the first place but what I REALLy think is wrong that it's considered 'health care' making it eligible to dip into tax dollars and pay for the abortions of girls who slept around. Since when was treating health care, sucking a baby out of a sixteen year old girl in a painful process called abortion? Nothing wrong with sleeping around - go for it - just be prepared for STD's and a pregnancy emotionally and financially so that America doesn't have to pay for your mistakes in life.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Personally, I don't support either as Gay rights are being forced upon us to accept and what sexuality or whatever one wants to be is their business and not ours and shouldnt be forced upon us  and I have never condoned illegal drug use as I have seen what weed and other drugs can do to people as a Federal Officer and never really seen a real good use for any of it
Steve Williams Profile
Steve Williams answered
....I would support either --> the gays are only human...they just feel a different way, isn't that the same as other religions? Not according to the law. And as for wed legalisation, I have done it and I know many other people that have, and we all know older people aswel and I am yet to see a case of phycosis due to weed/canibis.
pulkit pardhi Profile
pulkit pardhi answered
I support only lesbian not to gay
Lexi Profile
Lexi answered
Yesss!! Gays are humans!! And I support weed legalization as well.
Ray Ottewell Profile
Ray Ottewell answered
Yes in this day and age I do, live and let live as long as they are not any doing harm to anyone else.
Rolo Nation Profile
Rolo Nation answered
I am totally against weed legalization. Maybe fines instead of jail.

I don't care one way or the other about gay marriage. What other rights do they want that they don't have?
jamie wise Profile
jamie wise answered
Gays are people too, don't they have the right to love as much as straight people?? And yes I support weed legalization =D
Jasmine Haha Profile
Jasmine Haha answered
I believe that gay people should have a right to be gay or not but I don\'t think it\'s right. And I don\'t believe in weed legalization but I believe it should only be used for medical reasons. I respect both.
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Steve Robinson answered
NO ONE has ever OD'd smoking pot... You might fall asleep, but that's as far as it gets.  It's the other dope out there that causes problems.
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Daisy Ryann
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MY COUSIN has OD'ed smoking pot with 2 of his buddies. They smoked pounds of it withing 20 minutes and were all sent to the hospital. So yeah, as RARE as it is (I understand where you're coming from) it IS possible and it HAS happened. So next time is happens to him, I really don't think the rest of America really wants to pay to have crap pumped from his stomach and his veins because he was stupid enough to get high.

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