Do you support gay rights? I do:) Agree to disagree or agree to agree?


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Yes I do absolutely there is nothing wrong with being different and in my defense gay guys are awesome shopping buddies and personally my mom has a friend who is gay and him and his lover (who's a boy) make a really cute couple!
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Maxine Chan
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Aww I love gay people because they are so happy:)
Sara Bran
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I know there always smiling and cheerful thier fun my whole family supports gay rights what makes them happy is all that matters:)
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Yup I'm a supporter and I think they should have as many rights as straight people that's why I also support gay marriage.
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Yes i support Gay, Lesbian, Transgender rights etc .Let people be whom they want to be.

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Yep I support the rights of the LGBT community - each to their own I say and whatever makes a person happy,then go for it.Who am I to judge on someone's choice of partner and their chance of happiness ? Good for them I say,as like the Genesis song goes, there's not enough love going on.

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