Children learn best by observing behavior of adults and copying it. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?


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I agree to a certain extent .  A very young child may indeed copy adult behaviour, believing it to be correct, but an older child will not always do so .  Some older children can be independent and decide for themselves what behaviour is acceptable and what is not .  I do agree however, that the biggest majority will copy adult behaviour , whether they know it to be correct or not , because you will always get the smart one, who, when confronted with a wrong doing will utter "Well mummy/daddy , Mr/Mrs so-and-so etc., does that/says so ." ...
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I agree that most of the children learn from adults. A smart child reacts faster compare than a dull one, a younger child believe that adults are right where older (aged) child mainly learn from his parents and society.

In my point of view observing and learning is not best one for children compare to that of learning and knowing about that issues well and how to programme it. 

A child could know about it exactly by asking to their parent as they know very well about what suits to his/her child up to his extent. At some moments parents does not interfere in daily manner of child while he was out he should know what he is doing, this could be learn by observing.

In conclusion, the child must posses the ability to know at what extent the work is correct which he is going to perform. If he posses the ability then he is quite better to learn from adults just by observing.

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For thousands of years the best teaching was that done as children watched and observed their parents and all members of the family and some outside the family as well. This includes ALL subjects.

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