Do Children Learn Bad Behavior From Their Parents? Ever?


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Moo C. answered
Part of it is genetic but we kids are also influenced by our environment so it all depends on the environment
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Yes, humans are great mimics and tend to act just like those closest to them.
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Oddman answered
Children learn behavior (good and bad) from their parents. Always. Nearly all of that learning occurs before age 7--before many parents consider the child to be aware of his/her surroundings. What is then recognized as bad behavior in the child is rarely understood to be the mimic that it is of the behavior demonstrated repeatedly by the parent.

Smoking, drinking, speeding, and/or ill-mannered parents rarely appreciate that their disregard for personal health, that of others, or the rule of law is well-communicated to their preschool child long before the child can even articulate those abstractions.
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As they say on the doctors shows they are little micro recorders.anything they see or hear is taken in and others words learned behavior.
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Arthur Wright answered
Most definitely, if a child comes from an abusive home, chances are extremely high that he will be picked up for domestic violence at some point in his life so kids really do learn both ways from parents examples
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Merlin Paine answered
They sure do...sometimes they excape duplicating them but often these bad behaviors will be duplicated by children...
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Children are more vulnerable to the deeds (I mean behaviour ) of the their parents. That's why our elders always say never fight or never say ill of others before children.
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O.O yes when parrents are mean I got to baby sis my mom aint marryed to my dad yet they fight and swear so then my sis says that bad word so yes kids do
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Joan answered
Absolutely,   children can learn bad behaviour or good behavior from their parents.   Children look up to and admire as well as love their parents.   When they see parents doing something they often   will mimic that behavior.   Parents are seen as people who can do no wrong (up to a certain age).   When parents show no respect for others or show prejudice or use bad language are of low moral character or show no ambition or respect for an education, can't (or won't) hold a job, use drugs or alcohol or depend on a government hand out to supplement their income ...the children will more than likely repeat the same actions.   But when a child sees love and caring and sharing as an example   set by the parents, they will normally do the same.   When trust and loyalty is exhibited and personal responsibility is shown then that child will grow into a responsible adult.   Simply put, children learn by example as much (or more) than they do from verbal instruction.

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