In your life experience, do you find that it's easier for a parent to forgive their children for a bad thing than children to forgive their parent for a bad thing?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I think it's easier to forgive children as they usually mean no real harm. On the other hand ? I've never forgiven my Father for the beatings and mental abuse he put me through. I was actually glad to go to Vietnam to get away as long as possible. Kids rarely do things that are mentally abusive and are easily forgiven but a parent that physically and mentally abuses a kid will never be forgiven by me.

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Aldrich Ames answered

Easier for parents to forgive their children. As for me, I'd rather slit my own throat than forgive my mother and father  for almost killing me when I was 8.

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Parents will forgive their children most anything. I have found sometimes that children will forgive their parents when they have their own children, or it makes them set on not forgiving at all. Sometimes knowing your parents are human can soften a heart, or in the opposite case they realize their parents could or should have done better.

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Tom Jackson answered

As children learn to live, a parent usually expects them to make mistakes as an inevitable part of that process.  To some extent we are able to minimize bad effects, and I assume we are relatively quick to forgive (unless "tough love" requires a different approach).

Unfortunately, even if my parents were doing the "best they knew how to do," I'm the one who has had to live with the consequences of their ignorance.

Withholding forgiveness for an appropriate time is frequently an essential part of the healing process for such a child (or adult).

And even after you have forgiven them, there is usually a period of time a time during which you have to keep them out of your life to cement the healing process and become strong enough to prevent them from pushing the old buttons that they installed and which are difficult to totally disconnect.

So for me, yes, it's much easier to forgive my kids.

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Cookie Roma answered

Very much easier for parents to forgive  Once their children become parents, forgiving their parents becomes easier 

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