Were you ever able to forgive your parents for beating you as a child?


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I don't have to, I was never beaten.

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Just my Dad . I never forgave him and still don't to this day 16 years after his death. My Mom ? She was an angel if there ever was one.

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Zack -  Mr. GenXer
My dad would hit me in the head a lot for being really bad in math which is the reason I was never able to finish college. Couldn't do the math. Sure sounds like an excuse on my part though.
Rooster Cogburn
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My Dad beat me when he just felt like it. I was glad to go to Vietnam ! That's how bad it was. Already lost my brother M.I.A. and he wouldn't go near my sister. Felt bad for my Mom.
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I was never beaten. I think I was 4 or 5 the last time I was swatted and it was so out of the norm even then that I remember it. (I was playing with some porcelain figurines that were very sentimental to my mother.) I got grounded a lot though.

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You have to forgive and forget my mother beat me and my three sisters with a electrical extension cord. My youngest sister who is older then me still harps on it. Parents are dead no one wants to hear it. Everyone makes mistakes

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That would be no. If she were remorseful for her actions, maybe. But when you feel justified for beating the ever loving sh*t out of your children, on a daily basis, using whatever object was closest, then you don't deserve forgiveness. Mommy Dearest couldn't even come close to the brutality in our home.

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I was able to thank my parents for never laying a hand on me.

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I'm a bit older than most on here and daily beatings were the normal thing. Heck, they'd been the recommended method of childcare since we came down from the trees.

So I had my share of hidings from both parents and teachers (who came to school armed with bamboo canes that they wielded with great enthusiasm).

Forgive them? There's nothing to forgive, That's how it was until recently.

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Cindy  Lou
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My mother refused to send us to catholic school based on how the nuns abused the girls in in convent. . My mother knew it wasn't right in any form or fashion ...she just knew it wasn't right even if it was accepted and she didn't want us exposed to it. I don't know why we wanted to go -I think it was that it appeared to be a fun school and there were uniforms or something, but in French Canada they see every strict catholic -I can't believe they would do what they did to those little girls from ages 5-12 and beat them and then in the same breath tell them god loves them. She told me some horrid stories of just plain sick cruelty.
Didge Doo
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I've heard the nuns could be pretty brutal, back in the day.

I gotta admit that most of my teachers were reasonable and, although caning was a daily practice, most of them didn't abuse it. There were exceptions, of course. Sadists. And not all of them were men.
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Good comments.
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My mother had decided to take up "Spare the Rod" when I turned 12. I had already started Martial Arts training, so it looked more like a "Training Exercise" then a "Loving" parent's need for Corporal punishment.

I decided not to submit, and she ended up hurting her hands and arms on my blocks . . . She tried that twice, and both times it was disastrous. 

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My parents never hit us. I was such a good kid I only got one spanken! Lol!

I am so sorry for all who were hit or beaten from the people who were suppose to love you the most! No child deserves that! All I can say is you guys have really rose up from those ashes and you can stand tall knowing YOU are better then them in all areas of your life. You guys are strong. You guys are chain breakers! You guys broke free of bondages many can not be freed from and I am very proud of you all!

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I was never beaten.  I remember being swatted on the behind twice in my life .... And boy did I deserve it!  It didn't damage me. :)

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