Can I Find A Free Temporary Guardianship Form Good In Indiana?


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You can find a temporary guardianship form for Indiana by performing a search for one on Google.

On the other hand, you can simply write yourself one which entails a number of things including what rights you have to custody and whether the situation with the child has changed since the last time you filed for custody.

You need to clearly state in the temporary guardianship form that you have all rights to take care of the child and you have the power as well as the responsibility and authority to take control over matters as far as medical, educational and physical rights.

As this is such an important document, it is essential that it is signed both by yourself and a number of witnesses.

Temporary guardianship occurs most often when you are in court over a child or a recent divorce and you need to settle custody or if you are acting as a guardian on behalf of someone important of the child. You will need some form of guardianship in order to rubber stamp your claim that you have a right to your child. The simplest solution to obtain this form is to really create one from scratch but make sure it is well presented or it could get rejected by the courts.
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Penny Kay answered
You can write one out yourself to include what rights come with the custody, be specific, such as; I authorize so and so to make decisions regarding medical, educational, etc... For my child______ to have physical custody of, and act as full guardian over Etc... Make certain that this document includes the dates or amt. Of time involved, and is Witnessed and Notarized. You might be able to find sample temp. Custody forms online. However, you can do this yourself, just make sure all the terms are spelled out, and that it is witnessed and Notarized. I did this during an extended leave, that I was court ordered to take. I live in Indiana, and my form was accepted by all parties interested, including school and the Doctor.

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