Do you think that gay couples should have equal rights and be allowed to get married in any country?


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Kim Snowling , happily married with 2 kids, answered

Yes I do.

I think that the world we live in at the moment is full to the brim with different religions, beliefs and traditions that it almost seams very "old fashioned" to still have prejudice against certain people.  The fact that some places in the world are fine with same-sex marriages and others forbid it, just seams ludicrous (to me). 

The first country to hold a same-sex marriage was the Netherlands, in Amsterdam City Hall on 1st April 2001, since then a lot of other countries have started performed the marriages (in certain areas) -

  • 2003 - Belgium and Canada (in some provinces)
  • 2005 - Spain
  • 2006 - South Africa
  • 2009 - Norway and Sweden
  • 2010 - Portugal, Iceland and Argentina
  • 2012 - Denmark and Uruguay
In the United States, same sex-marriages are performed in its federal district, the District of Columbia (2010) and 9 of its states:

  • 2004 - Massachusetts
  • 2008 - Connecticut
  • 2009 - Lowa and Vermont
  • 2010 - New york and New Hampshire
  • 2012 - Washington and Maine
  • 2013 - Maryland
Some of the world perform civil ceremonies, like in the UK.  Where you have a ceremony, exchange promises and rings not forgetting the big party afterwards, but it is not performed in church.

The orange and red sections of the above picture show's the places of the world where there is still a penalty for same-sex relationships, even death.  A lot of their laws stipulate that a marriage is between a husband and wife no exceptions.  I believe that we can not help who we fall in love with and to penalise people for doing what makes them happy is awful.

However, this is still a very ongoing situation and it seams that the question is always being discussed and debated by politicians around the world. 

I think the way forward is for acceptance, to me it is the only way the world can survive without World War 3.  The sooner we accept people for who they are, the sooner the world can benefit from it.

No-one should have to hide who they are.

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It's not my mind that wants Sofia ;)
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Look what I said was a joke that you apparently took serious. Either way you don't know how sexuality works if you think homosexuality is something somebody can just turn off like a light switch
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Absolutely 100%

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ZombieE Lee answered

I think its none of my business. My religious views shouldn't get in the way of somebody else's rights. Regardless of what I think, other people have the right to do what is legal. Legally gay people have the right to marry in many states therefore I don't have the right to challenge their rights.

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David Shabazi answered

The fact that this type of question is STILL asked to this day, and not only on Blurtit but in society in general, is just a huge shame.

People are people. It's not like they're getting married to some outworld alien or something. When somebody, or a group of people ask these kinds of questions, it makes me think that those people see gays as some non-human creature and should be quarantined far from the public.

Let them do what they please, as long as they're not hurting, blackmailing, or doing any sort of wrong act to anybody, which most don't. There's a few "special" people out there who take the laws of homosexuality too seriously...but other than them, I'm sure gay marriage is completely fine and normal.

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males are attracted by females..females are attracted by males.that`s the human if it`s not like that,there is something wrong their mind.if someone like to do sexual activities as gay,it means that guy has a mental disease.this is common able for lesbians as well.

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Cal Sullivan answered

Gay couples in my opinion already have equal rights. There is no civil rights issue when it comes to the LGBT. There is no right to marry. If there was I'd be married already instead of on the singles market. 

With that said I think every country and state (for that matter) has the right to decide whether they want to allow gay marriage into their culture. A fetish, just because it's a cool trend right now, doesn't really need to be accepted after all. It can be allowed to foster but allowed to be on it's own. I guess what I mean to say is theres no question here because gays already have equal rights.

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