I think I should b allowed to help my husband and daughter get my Christmas present, don't u? They could get the wrong size or the wrong color, or just plain wrong, right. And they may even get lost in that big store..so I should really help, right?


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Yeah you could help. Select a dozen or so outfits that you like. ..sort of like a wish list ( size and color codes)  and let them ultimately chose your gift.

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Toni Pauze answered

No !!!!!!!!!!!!!

You tell them what you want if it requires sizes tell them that.

Wait for the surprise!

If you don't like take back.

Give them the pleasure of buying for you!!

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PJ Stein answered

No you shouldn't help. They should have the fun and joy of shopping and surprising you. Why would you want to take that from them? You can give hints and give a list of your sizes, but let them do the rest. It is a great bonding experience for them.

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They should just get u a gift card or cash that will stop any wrong sizes

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Your husband and daughter obviously want to go shopping together to get you a Christmas present.

Why take the fun out of it for them?

And for Pete's sake, if they pick out the wrong item or size or color be gracious when they give it to you and don't make them feel like the wasted their time and screwed up your Christmas.

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