Tonight I caught my 13 year old sister and her boyfriend making out. He had his hand up he shirt. I'm scared that they are taking things too quickly and that they are going to jump into a sexua* relationship. What can I do? Talk to her?


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Hmm... You should tell her.. That you care about her.. N you don't want her to do the same mistake you did...! Make her feel like you understand..!! Don't wrry Crystal...!! Everything will be allright... Just talk 2 her in a gentle way.. N explain things 2 her... Talk 2 her like a friend n not like a guardian..... Okie... Take care... :) gud luck... N tell me how it goes..! :)
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Okay thanks I'll talk to her tomorrow afternoon after school and I'll tell you what happens. Thanks. I just thought that I would tell you that my baby isn't a mistake, he/she will be loved dearly by it's parents who by that time will be married. :) Crystal
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Ok I'm a 14 year old girl and probably the only way I would listen would if you told me stories in a way and keep it light. Don't completely call her out or she just get mad and say you don't understand. She should take a chill pill with this guy cause I'm not saying he doesn't like her for the right reasons but if he does he can wait. I hope I can help and for the record I haven't even kissed a my bf and we've beeb going oyt fir almost a year so just saying. They should find something else tv do, they should still be given privet time just make sure she knows whats up. DO NOT TALK TO HER BF ATLEAST NIT YET
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Just talk to her nicely and ask her if she is ready
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Just leave her. Don't even tell her you saw her because if you guys are close them it could rec your relationship. But later on if you see any things more sexual then talk to her.

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