I cant stop thinking about my boyfriend how do i get him out of my head?


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tiya wabes answered
Well, if you tell yourself not to think about him your going to. So just go have fun with a friend or friends and have fun or do something that will take all of your time so you can't think
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I usually listen to some music, and hangout with friends
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Have an imaginary date with him like walking out a romance novel in your mind. People do it all the time with the stars they idolize.
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Danni marie
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Umm......im not doing that im trying to get my mind off of him
Forest Lone
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Yes, but if you go through enough of them, you would be tired of him and think of something else. Most people can only imagine a few and then it starts to repeat themselves. They get bored. (Unless your a romance writer then you think of alot) Then wa-la, he no longer excites you and you move on. Like hearing a new song, at first you can't get enough, then over time of the same thing, it gets old and your looking for something new. Same thing.

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