Lately I've Been Having Trouble Concentrating, I To Try To Read But I Get Distracted And Loose My Place, I Try And Listen To Music But I Know All The Words Before They Say Them. Ajnd I Can't Sleep...Like At All. Any Ideas Why Thisis? Or How I Can Sto


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I have been reading a lot of your questions lately about dieting - are you eating enough and of the right things? If you aren't getting enough vitamins, minerals, and all that other lovely stuff, and even if you aren't getting the calories that your body needs, it can cause all sorts of problems including these because you body can't function properly without them.
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You need to chill:) Just take a deeeeeep breath in and relax. I also can't sleep so don't get too worked up. You're not the only one!! Maybe you should see a shrink or something...
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Well I remmber your diet question if your having trouble concentrating it is problany because your eating enough tht happens to be soo eat and eat

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