What's The Best Thing To Do After Arguing With A Good Friend?


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I have been in that situation a couple of times, Its according what the fight was about I guess. If you have been very wronged by your friend and you stood up for yourself, its up to them to fix it.
and vice/versa if you wronged your friend, don't let pride stop you from saying your sorry
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I would suggest looking at and searching yourself to see what part you had in causing the problem,if you did not play a part in creating the problem,let the person no that you did not but take the high road apologize and start to move slowly away because it will start to happen over and over,people do take your kindness as a weakness and will attempt to use you. I wish you luck,be nice but be no ones beating bag,physically or verbally.....hope you find solace in this answer. 
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I dont know what to do with her she keep telling tail on me when it is her falt as well
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In these types of conflict, before you say anything, you should walk a mile in their shoes.

Then when you do, you'll be a mile away.

And you'll have their shoes!

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Give each other space and search your hearts. If you find yourself in the wrong, humble your self and ask for forgiveness. Don't let your pride over take you because you need the friend. If he is in the wrong, take time and at some point later bring it back so that you can talk about it when no one looks for a win. But it all takes wisdom.
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I had an email  political disagreement with a friend 2 months ago, and I was pretty steamed that she wrote her tirade and then emailed it to me -- and everybody else on the address list.  I wanted very much to email her back and tell her not to bother talking or writing to me anymore, but I decided I would just give it a couple of days or weeks, not answer any emails from her, and let it cool down.  It was a wise decision -- we met for dinner 3 weeks later, and just let the issue rest, after she explained she had been having a very bad morning at work the day of the email and was just overwrought.

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