How To Respond To Friends Arguments?


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Friendship is indeed something holy and we have to be extremely careful not to waste it just because we thought that we have what it takes to prove that we are right in front of our friends. Sometimes admitting that you are not right is necessary. There are plenty of cases when friendships and even families are ruined just because people don't have the necessary education that is necessary to understand that even if you have made a commitment you still need to be flexible and respect the opinions of those around you.

Keep friends close if you have them and don't take advantage of them. Handling arguments with friends is something that requires careful attention.

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Anvin Raj answered
Friendship is a gift from God to make us feel good and adored. Everyone has a point and there are some of us who may go over the top with their ideas and try to impose their views on others. Your friend may be determined that he or she has a valid point and may try to impose it on you.

If you feel it is right, take the advice and thank him or her. If you do not agree by what he or she says, do not cut him in between. Let him or her finish what they are saying and then coolly express your views. Do not criticize; just let him or her know the reason why you think your idea will work. Arguments have never won a relationship; just try to be easy and explain your point to your friend honestly and politely. If he is your friend, he will listen.

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