I hate it when im arguing with someone and they have to get their friends involved to gang up on me , its like pls , just fight your own battles for once! Right peeps?


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Yea I totally agree on this. It usally means they feel not sure of them selves. Like they need people to egg them on or something same thing happened to my brother and his girl friend. All of her friends ganged up onhim and really had no idea what they were talking about. They only knew one side of the story....
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Just get the Ninja gang and even the odd's! Lol
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Adrian Masters
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Has the ambulance arrived yet to cart the loosers off yet??
Adrian Masters
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Now that is Class!! Kick their butt's and administer their first aid. :)
Adrian Masters
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Invite the gang though! They can kick back, have snacks, point and laugh while you take care of business. Then after the show they can treat you to lunch. :)
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Exactly, but the ones that do gang up on one person are cowards,even if it is just an argument, so the one on there own wins, even if they lose.
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Yeah I agree with you.
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I agree too... I bet that person can not fight alone.. What is he? Scared?
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Yep because you're just like me -our martial arts skills means we're more than a match for mere mortals.That's how I work out at Taekwondo club sometimes - 3 against me just to show them how good I am.I'm so shallow lol :)

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