How Can You Beat Child Protective Services?


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Go to this website "GET THE TRUTH ON RECORD, then click where it says, fighting C.P,S. It is loaded with extremly good information and should be sent to everyone all over the world!!
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We beat CPS in San Francisco 1998- 2001  -  go read the free book I just published online about it 'Collected Letters from the Abyss'  - - - next book due out 1 Sept 2010 'How we beat CPS - and you can too!' - - - you let the bastards know they have a fight on their hands, you read a lot of law books & every bit of wisdom you can find in the Bible, you pray a lot and you meet everyone of their demands looking 'em in the eye saying out your month, "I know what you do."  Took us three & half years to be free of them.  Still suffering bad dreams behind those days.

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