What To Do When Meeting A Boyfriends Baby Mama For The First Time?


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I could relate to this question I'm a bm myself n have to deal with a bm.lol First n for most you always want da bm to like you but da truth of the matter is most of time bm don't like da new girl n it has nothin to do with you its just those couple of bm that are just b*****.There nothing you really can do when meeting a bm be your self don't try to hard.I know you want to keep da peace between both of you guys n sure enough you can do that by not saying much to her when you see her just introduce your self n by da way she responds youll know if things will go smooth with you guys or its just going to be one of those bm.As long as you n your boyfriend r good and his child gets along with you your good. No worrys. Word of advice don't ever get cumpy cumpy with da bm.you regret that move ! Believe me

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