Why Do Men Break-up With No Explanation?


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I would guess that there is an explanation but he knows that you will not like what you hear. It may be that he cares about your feelings and does not want tu hurt you anymore than he already is by the simple fact of breaking up. At least that is would make the most sense.

There is always the chance that he is just avoiding confrontation because he is breaking up for reasons that he knows would make you mad so if he does not tell you, he does not have to answer your questions.

If I were you, I would make up a reason to meet him one last time. Like go grab a cup of coffee / tea and that you have some things you need to give back to him. When you meet, sit down and tell him you need to know what went wrong so it can make you a better person (don't point fingers or blame as this will surely cause him to clam up). Sometimes you have to cover the truths in things so that you can find out the truth of what happened and how to avoid it again.
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Men are not good in exchanging words with women. Also, it will be difficult to leave when so many words are said. Words spoken are past-recalling. Who knows, there might be a kiss and least there's no explaining for words uttered during the break-up!
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I've witnessed situations where individuals have let me go, and I've let them go, and we say, "I'll always love you, because I care about your well-being and happiness;" which may be true, but do you really, deeply love that person? Would you choose them over anyone else? Probably not. "I don't fear losing you, technically because I don't really care if you are in my life."

However you find someone who sparks your soul, makes you happier than anyone else in the world, they standout to you; and you love them so much, losing them is painful. You do care if they are in your life. That's true love in my opinion.

With that being said, honesty trumps that. It's ok to be afraid to lose someone, and still be honest with them; because it couples with trust and communication. "Yes, I'm afraid to lose you, yes I'm still going to be honest with you despite that, yes do I trust I can tell you, and yes we can talk about it." I think there's a lot that goes hand in hand with that.

If someone purposely leaves you (breaking up, not passing away), you need to stop loving them. You can say, "I'll never stop loving you," and listen to sappy love songs; but over a very long time, fact of the matter is, you can't truly give your love to anyone else until you let go of the person you're continuing to say, "I love you," in your heart. You'll be tormented if you continue to love someone who left you, or wasn't afraid of losing you. If they loved you, they wouldn't be able to go without seeing your face, hearing your voice, asking for you input, or spending time with you. If you still think of them continuously, You haven't let go of them and the reason is simple you love them and trying your best to let go. But truth is how many are you going to let go, how many times are you going to tell yourself that "it wasnt meant to be" serious?. As i said i have been there done that all it leads is to he wasn't mine like you know when yours is going to appear and you sure he is not going to leave you .comforting yourself thatonr day you will get married and live happily ever after. It took long for me to realise that if i was going to be happy i had to change something or do something else to grab what made my life sparkle. Am happy today because of this man BABA MUSA  +27764463373  he helped me to not accept defeat or believing that it was meant to be to make it be no matter what.

dont believe in accepting or let it go even though you dont want.if you dont go after what you want how will you get it?. I stoped being second in my life the moment i took the first position.

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I personally have broken up for reasons of complication in the relationship, but never said anything. I think we would rather move on and not talk about it.-Trey

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