Why I Am Always Scared Of Losing The Love Of My Life?


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It is normal to feel like this, and especially when you're in love. One basically feels this way because of the love you have for the other person. You're scared of losing the most precious thing of your life. You see love is a very different feeling, when you fall in love, still you're not contended and if you're not in love then also you're not happy. So you see, love actually makes a person complete. It's a blessing, and there are very few people who are blessed with this beautiful emotion.

When a mother is about to deliver her baby, she is scared of the result, because she has felt the movement of her child inside her, and the pain she would go on losing it is just unexplainable. Similarly if you love someone, and you have actually lived with the feeling for a long time, then you usually are scared of losing that person. If your love is true then nothing on earth can take him away from you. And if that happens, just keep in mind he was never meant to be yours.
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Wow! Thank you so much for that, unbelievable, feels like i finally understood something i couldnt figure out

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