I want to be a professional singer. I love to sing in front of people, always have. I'm not the least bit scared to do it, either. I just can't tell my family my dreams. Is that a problem? Or can I just leave them behind?


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Never give your dreams up, no matter who or what stands in your way!  Go for the stars- you can do anything you set your mind on!

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Ray Dart answered

I wandered into a climbers/walkers pub in the British Lake District, where a "sing song" was going on. Someone had started singing "Black Velvet Band" (If you don't know the song, just Google it).

Sadly, he did not know all the words.

I did.

I took over and kept a Lake District pub entertained for the next half an hour or so, with other Irish folk songs. (Google "Gilgarry Mountain", "The Leaving of Liverpool" etc).

It was the biggest buzz I had EVER had.

People bought me drinks (while I was still singing) - too many, I had to give most away.

My next few trips there, I took the guitar. People liked that even more.

I was never going to be good enough to become a professional. But had I been better, that would have been the place for me to start.

Start amateur, let people hear how good you are.  But mainly enjoy making people happy with your singing.

And do it sooner, rather than later - my current singing voice has a lot in common with the sound you get when kneeling on a cat.

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Unless you have a lot, and I mean a lot of money.. To promote yourself and get yourself started in the right direction start looking far and wide for a backer to help you out.

I am not saying don't follow your dreams but temper your judgement with some common sense. Always have a back up plan. This way your not left with nothing but memories. This is not the road less traveled. Think ahead and make sure your future will be taken care of.

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