What Is The Difference Between A Lover And A Friend With Benefits (FWB)?


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Robin Burden answered
The terms 'lover' and 'friend with benefits' are very similar in meaning. In both cases, sexual encounters are the basis of the relationship.

In my opinion, a friend with benefits implies a pre-existing platonic relationship.

A lover, on the other hand, is simply someone you have met and are seeing purely for sexual reasons.

What's the difference between a lover and a friend with benefits?
When someone asks you to be their lover, what they are actually saying is that they want a physical relationship but aren't interested in all the things that usually come with this kind of intimacy.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with people opting for this type of connection, I'm of the opinion that people who only have 'lovers' are missing out on the joys of being in a meaningful relationship.

What is a friend with benefits?
Imagine you have a good friend that you quite like the look of. You might one day decide that you'd like to sleep with that person but don't want to run the risk of souring your friendship by engaging in a full-blown romance.

That's where the status of 'friends with benefits' comes in - as a friend with benefits is simply a good friend who doesn't mind having sex with you now and then.

Although this may sound like a win-win situation for everyone involved, in my experience, human relationships are rarely that simple!
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A lover is someone that you can be with and love unconditionally.

A friend with benefits is someone who you go to to get the pleasure that you want, but can't seem to find in your current relationship.

When you can't be together because you both want different things you might consider being friends with benefits.

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