Can You Purchase Playground Equipment Specifically Designed For Disabled Children?


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Yes, there are some companies who design their playground equipment to suit everyone. Sutcliffe Play are one company who specialise in disabled playground equipment and they have a large selection to suit all ages from toddlers to teenagers.

  The way in which disabled playground equipment differs from ordinary equipment is that it is generally designed slightly larger and more accessible. Some playground equipment will have larger roofs because many disabled children feel the cold more and that will protect them that little bit more than ordinary equipment would. The slides also feature holders so that the children can feel more secure when they use them. There is even equipment designed in bright contrasting colours to help visually impaired children too. So if you look around on the internet you should find something t suit your needs.
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There are a few playground companies that can design and provide equipment that specially caters to disabled children.

In the UK, Fenland Leisure can design and install such equipment - they are based in Cambridgeshire.

Incidentally, such projects are often eligible to receive funding from numerous bodies, including:

The Biffa Award

Funding Central

The Community Construction Fund (Norfolk only)

It's well worth contacting such organisations prior to releasing funds for any playground project, as they may be able to help significantly with setup costs.

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