How To Make My Boyfriend Chase Me?


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Having a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is not a game of tag.  If you want to keep this boyfriend,  don't play games with his emotions.  Boys can be hurt by the on again,  off again romance just like a girl can.  If you want a long term boyfriend the thing to do is try to think about him instead of yourself.  Think about what will make him happy and glad to be with you.  Make it so nice to be with you that he will think of you when you are apart.  When you do that, he will want to make you happy and keep you in his life.  He will work to see that you do things together that please you.  You will be going places you want to go and doing things you think are fun.  If you can think of him first and be considerate of him , in the end you both will be happy.  Don't try silly games.  A real relationship is not a kids game.
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You should not want your boyfriend to chase you, why would you want that? If you know he likes you and wants to be with you and you want to be with him, why would you play a game of chase?
Life is too short to play these games, if you find someone good hang onto them, you may let a good one pass you by.

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