How to make my dad accept my black boyfriend?


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Sorry, you can't make your Dad do anything including accepting your boyfriend. For one thing, in a dad's eyes no man is good enough for his daughter. Now if your Dad has an issue with his skin color then that is an issue that can take a very long time to over come because it is not your boyfriend he objects to but his ethnic group.  A person who has such a hangup usually has it ingrained for so long it is almost impossible to erase. You can eventually get him to compromise some but total acceptance may not be possible. Your best move is not to press your Dad too much on the subject. Get your dad to accept some basic mutual ground rules.  There may be some toleration but not total rejection or acceptance.

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You can't "make" anybody accept anybody else.

All you can do is introduce them ... And hope your boyfriend acts responsible and respectable.

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