I Am Alone I Can't Manage My Life?


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I'm sorry to hear that. I don't know how old you are. But in every community there are all sorts of out reach programs for people of all types. I suppose deciding which one is right for you would be determined on how your life is unmanageable? Your not Alone, sometimes you just need to ask for help and reach out  to get what you need. If your a little more specific maybe we could find something for you. Good luck, I'm going to send you lots of warm positive energy. God Bless.
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No one is olone in this world. God is always with you.don't worry keep moving with your life as god created a nice place for everyone in his heart
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More info is needed to really reach out and help you.
What is your situation?
Why can;t you cope.
Is someone keeping you down?
Are the medical or physical issues inhibiting you.

You need to tell someone how you feel, what you want and need.
I answered you call for someone to talk to and so have others.
You are not alone in your situation.
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Hi why you can't manage your life I am you can .but you have  to upgrade your confidence level who I am,not like any one just try  to build up yourself as a good girl am sure you can...bye
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Oh Honey,
You can manage, I promise!  If you have made it this far and are expressing the need for support and are ready.  There may be several reasons for your difficulties beginning with ADHD/ADD.  Adults tend to recognize symptoms more readily in themselves  as they mature.  It can cause difficulty within social situations, interpersonal relationships, work in general, so on and so forth.  Since I don't know your age I am going to guess you are in your mid twenty's which could be the reason this problem was not caught.  As stated by others, there are soooo many other life situations that could be causing you difficulty.  If you need to talk I am here.  Take care and know that there are people who REALLY DO care and would like to help.  We have all been there before.
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You know we might have some thing in comment few days Ago I wanted to kill myself (KIND OF)
and you know why because I was alone fed up angry  but one day I thought to myself Mabie I should try to do friends so I went over to this girl and now were pretty good friends and I went over to he every time I felt stressed and talking to her made me realize that there are SOOO much things in my life that I'm still looking forward to like this boy I just met AND HE REJECTED ME so now I'm ignoring him and now he looks at me all the time, I CAN SEE IT IN HIS EYES HE WANTS ME!!!!
And I'm looking forward to every day! TRUST ME LIFE IS A GOOD THING AND SO ARE FRIENDS!! GOOD LUCK
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Don't you think that better is bigger and bigger is better?
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Dear you can talk to nature. You can share your grief with nature. If there is no one to talk to you then go to some religious place. It will give you lot of comfort
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Anyone can manage their life on their own, I've been doing it for the past two years in a one bedroom apartment, just keep working and keep your head up
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Make some good friends and join some clubs or communities that matches your interest. Make some online friends on good websites like Blurtit. Give value to your life and take care of yourself.
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I believe that noone should feel like they are alone. However, if you are alone, ask God to help you be more sociable and to enlighten you on people places and things that are suitable for you

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