BF went to Vegas, started a fight with me before leaving. Found out his ex was there Thursday and he arrived Saturday. Do I believe him when he says he was there alone?


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I don't know ... DO you believe him?

If you don't trust him ... You shouldn't be in a relationship with him.
It's really that simple.

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Otis Campbell
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Hi walt
Walt O'Reagun
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"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

"As long as you get a shot before you leave."
Angie Martinez
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It's a long story but he has a history of cheating, we also do have a 13 yr old together and he claims "he has changed" Things just don't add up with the way he was acting.
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Was he planning on going to Vegas or was it spur of the moment? Do any of the 3 of you live in Vegas?

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